Life is like a bicycle – you don’t fall off until you stop pedaling… It is better to wear out than to rust out, so keep pedaling. -Dr. Janet G. Travell (1901-1997)


From Alana VanDerwerker: Learning the principles and moments of Somatics has proven a boon as I continue to discover ways to recover from painful issues surrounding chronically tense muscles. My gratitude to Ily Shofestall, who gave me the training, is boundless. She really enjoys empowering her clients to re-educate their bodies. I do my Somatics daily, even when I do not suffer pain and can bounce through the day. When I need to find a way for relief, I can do it in a calm, sustained manner. I highly recommend Ily (with Neuromuscular massage and movement training) as a practice for living well and have sent several friends to her who have found her helpful also.

From Hugh Aaron: When I heard Thomas Hanna, the creator of Somatics, state that no person, no matter how old, should have to ever endure joint pain, I was hooked. For the past fifteen years, upon waking up each morning, I lie on the floor and do a fifteen minute series of exercises which Thomas Hanna calls the Cat Stretch. If for just a few days I fail to do the Cat Stretch, I develop joint pain and headaches. Now an octogenarian, when most people my age experience pain, or have to use a cane, I walk one to three miles a day painlessly with a bounce, thanks to Somatics. I have spread the word to my family and friends, some of whom, seeing no relief through Chiropractic, found that Somatics did the job. I encourage anyone, whether young or old, to try it and experience for themselves the vigor and comfort they will receive from a simple Somatics routine.

From Deb Chapman: For 15 years, I suffered from periodic severe back spasms that came on without warning and made most activities extremely painful.  A regular practice of Somatic exercises has changed all that and I have been free from such episodes for 2 years.  In addition, the slow pace and concentration of the exercises give Somatics a meditative quality that eases the mind while it heals the body.