Neuromuscular Therapy is a diagnostic and therapeutic technique to understand, assess and deal with soft tissue dysfunction. It evolved out of the work of several clinicians in Europe and the USA. The American NMT was based on the methods of Raymond Nimmo and modified by Paul St-John and Judith Walker.

The muscular skeletal system is the greatest energy user in the body as well as being one of the primary sources of pain and disability. It is our primary machinery of life. It is how we perform tasks and interact with each other and the planet. If there is dysfunction in the muscular skeletal system, predictable chain reactions of compensating changes will evolve in the soft tissue and generate stress (i.e. pain, joint restriction and fatigue).

Neuromuscular therapy is emerging as a significant methodology for assessing, treating and preventing soft tissue injuries and chronic pain.

  • Release the spasms
  • Restore proper biomechanics
  • Restore the length uninjured tissue
  • Restore strength
  • Restore endurance

RATES: $120 Per Hour/$70 Half-Hour

Somatic Education a simple but powerful technique to reclaim control over chronically contracted muscles. Clinical Somatics is not therapy it is education. It is a sensory feedback technique to interrupt a habitual pattern and to reestablish ones awareness of how one is contracting muscles unconsciously. By new sensory information, what was habitually contracted and unconscious is made conscious and relaxed, allowing more freedom of movement and freedom of pain.

If a motor neuron has a set program of muscle contraction (painfully high tonus) and if the sensory feedback from the muscle cells informs the neurons that the programmed ratio of muscle origin to muscle insertion is exceeded, then the motor neurons shut down their firing and the muscle relaxes.

Somatic Education is the new frontier, giving people back the control over their bodies. It is a first person experience inviting one to pay attention to what is happening involuntarily, to become aware of habituated contracted muscles and pain.

Clinical Somatics is a simple, uncluttered no bells and whistles technique to regain freedom of movement and control over pain. The results are magical!

  • Relief from pain
  • Restore flexibility
  • Reduce stress
  • More energy
  • Feel better

RATES: $120 Per Hour/$70 Half-Hour